Top Upholstery :

2" Gentle Support Foam

This extra deep layer of soft, yet supportive foam gently cradles the body to help reduce the pressure points that can cause tossing and turning.

Flex Band Memory Foam

This Layer enhances the bed's support system with an added level of support where your body needs it most

                                            Support System: 711 Queen, 919 King,  foam encased Wrapped Coil

Up to 30% more steel, into an individually wrapped coil system that reacts to every contour of your body to deliver the kind of feel you'd expect from a higher-coil support system, all to promote a great feeling of support and body alignment.

DreamHaven Collection

DUNES WEST, Plush     

Quilt :

Fire Shield

1/2" Gentle Support Foam

1" Gentle Support Aire