Currently we have free delivery and haul off on any mattress set, $600.00 or over with-in 35 miles of our store one way, 70 round trip. 

            The Delivery and haul off fee is $35.00 for any mattress set between $500 and $ 599.00  with-in 35 miles of our store.

           Delivery and haul off on all sales under $500.00  will be priced individually depending on what the customer is requiring us to do and how far it is from our store.

           When you qualify for free haul off and delivery, it means we will haul off one piece of your old bed for every piece we deliver. Examples :   A King  set=3 pieces so we will haul away 3 pieces.  A Queen =2, 2,  1  Full set = 2. Old metal frames we will take for free

            Hauling away an old head board in only free if you bought a replacement headboard from us. If you did not buy the new headboard from us, haul off of your old one would be $15.00. 

            We do not install or un-install headboards not bought from us without and extra charge of $15.00 per headboard.

4500' Square Foot warehouse

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