Trelleburg  Luxury Firm     

Quilt Layers :

FireBlocker Fiber


Serta PillowSoft Foam

Serta Support Foam

2 Layers Serta Balanced Support Foam Support Foam :

Provides that "just right" level of comfort and support.

                                                                                     BestEdge Foam Encasement :

This advanced Best Edge foam encasement system is designed to provide superior edge support while helping

prevent sagging and edge roll-off, and has been tested beyond industry standards to ensure durability and long

mattress life.

Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite

Designed to help solve 5 common sleep problems,

1. Helps reduce tossing and turning  2. Encourages proper back support 3. Promotes a balanced sleep        temperature 4. Minimizes impact from partner movement. 5. Resists sagging & edge roll-off

 Cool Action Gel Memory Foam :

This gel-infuzed memory foam has millions of cooling gel beads that gather where the body needs extra support, while also helping reduce heat at the sleep surface..

             886 Queen, 1099 King,  Custom Support: Mattress height, 13.125", Box height 9" Low profile box height, 6"

                             Premium coil design balances body-hugging comfort with outstanding support for your body.